Double Chin cryolipolysis machine
360 degree cooling applicator

faster treatment time (35 mins) and achieve better treated results, about 60% more subcutaneous fat cells can be reduced permanantly compared with common seen cryo devices, as ZSculptor offers 360 degree cooling applicator with 100% cooling effective surface, ensures that the cooling effective area covers more than twice the cooling surface of other cryo devices. The excellent management of the cooling allows a shorter session with high patient satisfaction rate.
Double Chin cryolipolysis machine
Double Chin handle
The double chin handle also use the same cryolipolysis technology to remove the fat from the chin to gain the beauty shape.
Double Chin cryolipolysis machine

What is Advantages of 360 degree fat freezing machine ?
1. Saving half of treatment time
2. Silicone contour with 3 different size for different treatment areas
3. 100% cooling coverage
4. Add thermal shock technology for aviod cold damage and better result. 

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